Hi hello hey! Welcome to piedpipurr!

This website is basically my space to do whatever I want to. I've been wanting to make my own personal website for a LONG while, so one day I sat down and I put myself to the task. And this was the result!

(Obviously I didn't finish this in one sitting though. It took me many days of staring at my site and figuring out what tf I wanted to do with it for me to come to this)

This website is still a HUGE wip. So please keep this in mind when exploring this website (as there are still many pages you can't access yet unfortunately!)

There miiight also be some layout changes here and there. I'm very inconsistent, I'm sorry ^^;;

There's not much else I can write here yet, since this site's only beginning! But I'll just say I'm very very excited to see where this site goes. And I hope that I'll be able to see it to its completion!


10/27/23: PIEDPIPURR IS OFFICIALLY UP ON ICHI.CITY!! WOO! Only the index and home pages are up but I'll be working on this so don't worry! ^_^

10/21/23: Freshly started this version of the site! I was making a site with a different layout but I didn't like it too much so here we go again :P


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Nakaniwano Shoujyotachi by SHISAMO